World’s Most Dangerous Antiques Roadshow 2015 Tour – 1st Stop!

Welcome to another season of The World’s Most Dangerous Antiques Roadshow! Last season we visited the very first artifact. This season we visit another very old artifact, The Pearl of Wisdom.  The pearl allows one person to control the thoughts and actions of another. Thanks to James Macpherson, an insane ex-Warehouse agent, the pearl cause a lot of trouble not very long ago and lead to the release of H.G. Wells from the bronze sector.

???????????????????????????????The purl is featured prominently on this classic tea cozy. The cozy has a simple slip stitch pattern that brings to mind Mrs. Fredrick’s stylish suits and is trimmed in an attached I-cord for a very tailored finish. I used two of the Nerd Girl Yarns based for this pattern. The main body is worked in Witty with the purl worked in Parlay. Both bases create a nice smooth fabric that you just want to pet.

The Purl of Wisdom is a club exclusive pattern for the next 6 months.