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April Showers Bring May Flowers

As April draws to a close I would like to take a moment and introduce you the first of two new shawl patterns I will be posting about in the coming weeks.

Peri·anth noun \ˈper-ē-ˌan(t)th\ :The sepals and petals of a flower considered together.


This design was born of a desired to create a sideways crescent shawl. During the design process, I contemplated and discarded the idea to added lace inserts between the garter sections when I took a look through my own yarn stash.

I had quite a few skeins of what I call ‘candy’ yarn. You know those skeins of hand-dyed fingering weight yarn. Your eyes lock across a crowded yarn shop or festival booth. It is electric. It doesn’t matter that isn’t your comfortable colors or that it is way more variegated than what you usually use. You know that skein of yarn is just too delicious to leave in the store. I buy my ‘candy’ saying to myself ‘there is plenty of yardage to make hat, gloves socks, or even a shawl. So with no plan they come to my stash and then languish there. I try to plan projects but what if the pattern I pick doesn’t show the loveliness to its best advantage?


I was designed Perianth for those skeins of yarn we love but struggle finding the perfect shawl pattern for. A sideways shawl with simple construction; the garter stitch sepals and stockinette petals show the beauty of hand-dyed yarn to perfection. This is a great pattern for a beginner knitter to learn short rows, increases and decreases on, while still remaining interesting enough for the experienced knitter to enjoy.  This shawl was work in the delicious Play at Life Fiber Arts Yuuka Maki in her Silky Coccon colorway. I love the gradient.  I hope you adore your Perianth as much as I do.
To get your free copy of this pattern, download now.