World’s Most Dangerous Antiques Roadshow 2015 Tour – 2nd Stop!

sleep mask

Sweet dreams are made of Luscious

Welcome to the second stop on our 2015 tour of The World’s Most Dangerous Antiques Roadshow! Our second artifact has the distinction of being one of the only artifact to be somewhat duplicated. We first witness the power of Timothy Leary’s reading glasses while the current warehouse agents are hot on the heels of a illegal artifact sale hosted by no other than former Warehouse agent, James MacPherson. These of course were the duplicate. The original glasses create such powerful hallucinations that the wearer never wants to take them off. This would have hampered the sales a bit.

Psychedelic Dreams is worked in the round with an interesting stitch pattern on front and smooth stockinette on the reverse. Made with a single skein of the most delicious of the  Nerd Girl Yarns‘ bases, Luscious, this mind altering sleep mask, will help you keep up with your lucid dreaming. So ‘Turn on, Tune in and Drop out.’ Oh! And Sweet dreams.

Psychedelic Dreams is a club exclusive for the next 6 months.