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Last Stop on the World’s Most Dangerous Antiques Roadshow -2015 Tour!

Quill Chart Detail in 'Words have Power' colorway

Quill Chart Detail in ‘Words have Power’ colorway

There is the smell of fresh fall apples in the air as the tour comes to a halt in front of the shelf that houses a bifurcated artifact; our final stop for this tour. Bifuracted artifacts are two objects that want to be together. Once separated they will ‘act-out’ in an effort to get back together and can be used as a weapon.


Bering & Sons on a Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet.

Edgar Allen Poe’s quill pen and notebook was used to distract the current warehouse agents as they searched for the dangerous ex-agent, James Macpherson. When this simple notebook and pen were separated, they took over two people. The pen caused chaos and injury at a college while the notebook brought Myka’s father to the brink of death.  It is important to note that neutralizer does not seem work on bifurcated artifacts. The only thing that calms them is being back together.

Bering and Sons is a tablet cozy featuring the quill pen and notebook together in their dormant state. This cozy is worked in the round from the bottom up for minimal finishing.  Nerd Girl Yarns’ 8-bit base really makes the twisted stitches of the quill pen pop. In all a fun quick knit suitable for gift giving or gift keeping.

Bering & Sons is a club exclusive pattern for the next 6 months.